As the old Tom T. Hall song goes, “Ain’t but three things in this world that’s worth a solitary dime, but old dogs and children and watermelon wine”.

Old dogs are one of the greatest joys in life, once the boisterousness wears out and they become short in step seeing them live out their days lazing around the house and yard is a real treat.  We’ve enjoyed many of these dogs at Sonza, some taken far too soon and others living well into their teens.  This page is dedicated to all of the Dobes and Goldens that have made a significant impact on us at Sonza.  All dogs on this page hold a special place in our heart and we thank them for being the loyal companions they were.


Bladedge Forced Devotion (Shiraz)

Randy (3)

Ch Redshift Ninja Star ET (Ninja)


Doborg Miramax (Pearl)


Fernfall Still Waters (Fern)


Sonza Summer Silk (Noodle)


Sonza Overlander (Coyote)